Venue and date

Venue Confirmed

We are pleased to announce our venue for LogicGrrrl 2013 as The Jam House. The Jam House has been a staple in the arts, science and skeptical communities over the years, having held some fantastic events such as Edinburgh Skeptics: The Fringe Of Reason. Located in the heart of Edinburgh and close to public transport links, it is a warm and open space.

But because we want to use this to promote voices of women who may or may not be well known for their hard work and research we need your input before we finalise any details. We have a great stage area for our speakers and performers. And we have plenty of space to display your paintings and conference abstracts if you need them!

By helping us shape the event we can make this event unique.

The date we’re provisionally established with the venue is Sunday the 3rd of March, 2013. We’re now in discussion with the venue over our time slots, but things are getting very exciting!


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